Fishing and Scalloping Charters

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About Our Equipment and Your Safety

We use a Carolina Skiff, 258 DLV with a 150HP Yamaha, four stroke engine for your day in the Gulf. The vessel carries an 8 foot beam and draws a foot of water. The Carolina Skiff is the ideal boat for the Steinhatchee Flats, has plenty of fishing room and will get you to where the fish and scallops are.


The Carolina Skiff 258 DLV is ultra safe. Factory testing included cutting one in half, setting a pick up truck in one half, and watching it float.

Our safety equipment is checked daily and includes items such as life jackets (Type 1, used exclusively), flare kits, multiple GPS units, VHF radio. Your safety is our first priority.

Our maintenance schedule includes changing all engine fluids and shaft end prop maintenance every 30 days, or 100 hours of run time, whichever occurs first. All cables and operating equipment are also checked and maintained at this time.

Annually, the vessel receives a complete over-haul. New pumps for the engine and belge, live wells, hull inspection and repair (if needed) and new paint.

Fishing equipment is maintained daily and is broken down for oil, testing and new line monthly. Fishing equipment is usually replaced quarterly to allow the angler the best equipment available.