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About Steinhatchee


Steinhatchee is a quaint little fishing village located in the Big Bend area of Florida, where the Steinhatchee River flows into the Gulf of Mexico. It is unspoiled by the traffic and “hustle and bustle” of other destinations. This is a place where you can literally kickback and let the world fade away.  At the Hatch, locals have a saying…”We’re on River time!”

Steinhatchee is home to some of the best fishing in North America.  There are a variety of great places to lodge, as well as eateries that serve everything from great burgers, to steaks, to some of the most delicious seafood available anywhere.

Throughout the year, there are numerous community activities  to enjoy, including the annual the Fiddler Crab Festival (February), Scallopalooza (usually held the  last weekend in June), and many fishing tournaments that draw anglers from across the southeastern United States.  The July 4th festivities feature such things as a “mullet toss,” as well as a fireworks display that has been described as one of the best in the state.

For more information about what Steinhatchee has to offer you and your family, be sure and visit the Steinhatchee River Chamber of Commerce website at

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